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Posted on December 11 2014

"It's paramount having a trustworthy and capable motorcycle mechanic on hand."

A classy place located in Irvine, California managed and operated by a longtime friend Ryan Condie. A trustworthy motorcycle repair shop that has never fed me any sort of crap to up-sell me or guide me to having anything fixed that wasn't essential. I've handed these guys the keys to my bikes on dozens of occasions and not once have I had to bring a bike back because something wasn't done right.

This is important to me because like many of you who are reading this, I am simply not a mechanic but a rider who is ignorant to the full "ins and outs" of what makes my motorcycle roll down the street.

It's paramount having a trustworthy and capable motorcycle mechanic on hand and It's truly unfortunate that this is a rare commodity these days. Most dealerships are slow, impersonal and expensive. The smaller shops are hit or miss leaving you wondering if you've gotten a fair shake or not.  I am lucky to have this shop in our area. They have bailed me out on countless occasions when I needed something fixed quick! 

If you're in the South County area and need a trusty shop...

Metric Method Cycle
9781 Irvine Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92618


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