5yrs of MAYHEM Keytag

$ 9.95


Product Details

5yrs of mayhem! Thats right! We've been going strong for 5 whole years of adventures...  We have been through a lot! The good the bad and the ugly and you've been there from the start! 

*If you order the "5yrs of Mayhem" shirt this tag comes FREE in the package.

This is a limited supply tag. Once we are out we are out for good! 

  • Each star represent a year
  • This is a limited supply product.
  • Dimensions 10x3cm or 3.9x1.1in
  • Embroidered design on both sides
  • Reinforced Eyelet
  • Limited edition! Once gone always gone.

Keychains are the highest quality on the market. The banners are fully embroidered and have a key ring attached to a reinforced eyelet. Black canvas with gray accent border matching design.