My Explanation

SCMM and why i'm not attending

You all deserve an explanation and here it is. Over the last few years I’ve become very busy. My life has changed... I am a new father, husband and operate two demanding YouTube channels. Personally, I am completely consumed and I struggle to find time for any of it. I was overwhelmed with the thought of SCMM last year so I brought in some additional help. The event suffered and I felt it was all my fault. The time had come to hand it off with the hope that SCMM will live on. 

I run my channels as my full time job. I take this job very serious. Everyday it's a grind to keep things going. It's hard, really hard but I am passionate and I embrace it. I have been running the channel with uninterrupted videos since the beginning. I haven't missed a Monday morning upload in about 4yrs and since the start of the 2nd channel I'm yet to miss a Thursday deadline. I pride myself at the dedication. I give you the best content I know how to give and no shortcuts.

I had a face to face meeting with the friend that I had passed the keys of the event to. I explained the template, format, and inner workings. I passed along all the contacts and whatever info I could think of in order to help with the transition. I spoke to him about the spirit of the event, and how it should always be in the spirit of the vloggers and fans. We spoke of event sponsors and the Shark attorneys were brought up. I expressed concern. I shared that SCMM shouldn't have a sponsor. I then learned that the attorneys had no motovlogger relationship. I explained it wasn't smart to allow any company access to the event that hasn't shown anyone any support. If a company wants to support the event then they should support the community first and earn their way into the event. We went back and forth for a bit and after our conversation I felt better. I even followed up with a phone call about this later in the day. I asked if I could be in the loop and offered help if needed. He said he would add me to their messenger group chat. I was never added.

In our conversation that day, I explained in detail that The Law offices of Henry Haddad has shown my channel and SCMM tremendous support over the years. They never received any direct sponsorship to SCMM. Year after year Henry and his son David would come out and help me with my display and pass out bags. It wasn't about them, it was about the vloggers, it was about the fans and Henry respected that. 

After some weeks go by, I meet up with my friend again and we make a video which included an SCMM announcement. During the day I get all kinds of great updates from him but no mention of lawyers. After we eat I gave him a minute or so to talk about SCMM in the video. It was a fun day.

A few more weeks go by and I am asked to put out my video discussing SCMM. Per the request I rush the video and publish it on my channel as it gets the most exposure historically for SCMM updates.

A bit of time passes and I start seeing more SCMM posts with the Shark lawyers logos all over. I'm devastated...I text my friend asking why are the lawyers logos all over their posts and he responds with "I never said I would get rid of the lawyers”. I respond with "thanks friend". I feel betrayed, taken advantage of and completely disrespected. I am a human.

How can I face Henry knowing he's going to be totally upstaged by another law firm at the event that he helped us grow and supported? He's been part of my team for nearly 3 years! The companies that I work with are good companies ran by good people who care about the community. I make sure of that! Henry deserves better than this. Also, I’ve worked so hard and I don’t think I deserve to be completely disrespected and disregarded. 

Several days went by. I never heard anything more from my friend. This is very unfortunate. By this time, I have talked to my wife and many of my close friends. I have made the choice to not attend SCMM 2019.  At what point do I say "I've had enough and I can no longer feel good about being part of this event?"

If my friend was set on bringing in sponsors why didn't he suggest Henry could be a sponsor? Given the option Henry would have jumped at the opportunity, he loves SCMM and what we do. He's a partner that has supported me through the good and the bad without hesitation. Why are there even sponsors for SCMM?

I now feel that I have failed Henry and may have allowed the event to be compromised by outside companies who don't have affiliation with any of us. Why do I even care.... Maybe I shouldn't. It's not my job to try and protect it anymore. 

I know they probably hate me right now but I have a lot of respect for others that are running the event. They have put a ton of work into it and despite my differences I see it being a great success. Even though I won't be supporting SCMM this year I hope that those reading this will still attend because it is a good event for motovlogging community. 

Many of you have followed and supported me for quite a while and you know that I do not come to this decision lightly. Nobody wants to be there more than me. Sorry for the drama! I'll make it up to all of you, I PROMISE!

Thanks for your support!

Suburban Delinquent